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YouTube and DevOps related content

26 Feb 2017 . category: YouTube . Comments
#DevOps #YouTube

Lately i’ve been wanting to get more involved with making video blogs as opposed to writing my content down. To me, this feels a bit more natural and allows me to diverge easily and just ramble.

I’ll be aiming at getting two YouTube videos out every week and will have a focus DevOps related tools and Cloud services!

I’ve been focusing a lot lately on learning NodeJS and am wanting to touch on that quite a lot as I learn new things. Because of this, one of the videos will do weekly will be based on learning Node and becoming a better developer (from an Ops perspective).

The other one will be based on DevOps tools and usage with the Cloud!

Hopefully you guys enjoy and as always i’d love to hear from you about any topic you would like to see covered in a video. I will still aim to post a detailed monthly blog post outlining something interesting i’ve been learning and will also aim to make a new post with each video I release.

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