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Monitoring NodeJS and Express Apps with Datadog

23 Apr 2017 . category: NodeJS . Comments
#NodeJS #Datadog #Express

In this “Random Rambling” clip we go through how to get the most out of Datadog when it comes to monitoring your NodeJS and Express Web Applications. We go through a basic example of a simple API i’ve put together for this clip.

Please drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of this clip and what else you would like to see me cover on my channel!

Monitoring your NodeJS and Express Apps with Datadog

If you wish to sign-up for Datadog you can do so over on their site. Datadog offer a free plan for 1-5 Servers which offers 1 day worth of Metric retention.

The codebase for this example can be found here.

More information on Apache Bench can be found here


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